Young Adults

This phase of life is where the majority of life-long decisions are made. Who am I going to marry? What will be my career? Where will I be living? Who am I becoming? Those are just a few of the intense decisions you will face! Our ultimate hope isn’t to make those decisions for you, but to help young adults [18-30] , respond to worship and serve Jesus Christ. He is the Good Shepherd who will lead you where you need to go and chisel you into His design as you draw closer to Him and dive deeper into His Word, the Bible. Young Adults Ministry meets Sunday night, 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Living Word. Here is the schedule for the summer June 3rd & 24th, July 7th & 22nd, August 5th & 19th. We hope you can join us! Email Pastor Brandon if you have any questions, [].