Rooted - Event Details

January 29th, 12:00am - January 29th, 12:00am

10-week small group experience


What is Rooted?

Rooted is a unique 10-week small group experience designed to help you grow closer with God and your community as you share in living out the Gospel and bringing the kingdom of God into the world in your daily life.

Rooted is based around seven “rhythms,” or key daily parts, of a believer’s life:
∙ Daily devotion
∙ Prayer
∙ Repentance
∙ Sacrificial generosity
∙ Serving the community
∙ Sharing your story
∙ Worship

These daily aspects of a believer’s life will help you shift your attention away from the noise and confusion of everyday life and will keep your focus on living out the life God intends for His people. Over the 10 weeks, you’ll become more connected to your church family and community, deepen your understanding of God and grow closer to him, and answer difficult questions that we all wrestle with, and learn new habits that will extend into your life for the long term.

Signup deadline is January 29th. Click here if the form does not load. Signups are full. Thank you for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do Rooted Groups Meet? What Will We Be Doing?

Rooted groups will meet once a week, usually Sunday at 6:30-8:00 PM, starting on Sunday, February 5th. Depending on group needs, times may be different for your group. We’ll try to match everyone up with a group that works for them!

Rooted is a mixture of personal and group practices through a guided workbook. You will complete daily lessons and reflections on God’s word through your book, and meet together to share what God is doing in your life once weekly!