Plan Your Visit

We’re so glad you’ve decided to see if Living Word is the right guide for your faith journey. We’ve included some helpful information to make you feel right at home on your very first visit.


Summertime Service Hour

10:00 AM

July 1st – September 2nd

Living Word Assembly of God
2344 Ridge Rd, Ontario, NY 14519
Child Care Provided for Both Services

What Can I Expect?

As soon as you walk in the doors you will be greeted by a friendly host, intent on helping you feel at home as you explore your faith. Straight ahead you’ll see guides at our Welcome Center who will have a gift-card for you, as well as answers to any questions you may have. This guide will help you register your children and most importantly show you where to go.

You can expect our services to last about 75 minutes.  You will have a chance to worship  through music, lead by a team that strives for a more contemporary sound.  After the music portion ends  there will be a presentation of God’s word that will help you begin to explore life’s questions.

What’s Expected Of Me?

For us to better serve you as you explore your faith we would like to connect with you.  We ask that as you get your free gift at the Welcome Center you fill out a connection card.  If that sounds intimidating  you can fill out the connection card found in the seat in front of you, and put that in the offering as it goes by.

As a guest at LWAG, please don’t feel obligated to give anything during the offering. There is no dress code so come as you are and feel free to participate as much or as little as you like during the singing portion of service.

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    01. David . Goliath is Not the Last Giant
    Pastor Barden Gerace Jr.
    02. David . The Lord Looks at the Heart
    Pastor Brandon Snavely
    03. David . An Unlikely King
    Pastor Barden Gerace Jr.
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    Graduation Sunday 2018

    01. Graduation Sunday 2018
    Pastor Barden Gerace Jr.
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    01. Free . From Self
    Pastor Barden Gerace Jr.
    02. Free . From Insecurity
    Pastor Barden Gerace Jr.
    03. Free . From Condemnation
    Pastor Barden Gerace Jr.