LWAG Missions

Dates of Trip:  February 16-23, 2019

Total Cost:  $1,530

Who Can Go:  Anyone 15+

This next coming year we will be traveling to Haiti with Convoy of Hope.  We will be traveling with two missionary teams:  Evangelism Team & Construction Team.

The Evangelism Team is the heart and soul of our mission trip. The members of this team will bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children & youth of Haiti through skits and songs and their personal testimonies of faith. The Evangelism Team will visit local orphans and feed the children during the day and host a Vacation Bible School in the afternoon. There will be opportunities for street evangelism during the evening. The goal of this team is to touch the hearts of the children and, hopefully, the parents and other adults that influence their lives.

The Construction Team promotes the Gospel of our Lord through practical application. Members of this team will be involved in a building project that is organized and supervised by the host missionary. The specific details of this year’s project are forth coming. Persons with skills and experience in the building trades are encouraged to be part of this team. But talent is not required! If a full week of hard physical labor, in a foreign country and climate, to assist a missionary in the field while maintaining a heart for our Lord! Sounds appealing to you, then you are a perfect candidate for this team! The Construction Team provides the sweat equity to back up the financial contribution raised by our Living Word fellowship.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  Deposit $200 Due October 21, 2018 . First Payment of $620 is due November 18, 2018  – Second Payment of $619 due January 9, 2019  Non-refundable after November 18, 2018

Sign up on links below which team you would like to be on:

Construction Team: https://livingwordag.breezechms.com/form/01bd3a4694

Evangelism Team:  https://livingwordag.breezechms.com/form/01bd3a467528