LWAG Pre-Teen

LWAG Pre-Teen

En Route is a safe place for your children to learn about how radically God’s love is for them as you enjoy the main service.  Through Bible lessons, group games, and open discussions your tween will…

  • discover WHO Jesus is
  • discover WHAT Jesus has done for them
  • discover HOW to follow him

Times & Location

En Route meets in the Fellowship Hall during the 11am service only.  If you’re new, or unfamiliar with our facility, ask anyone wearing a lanyard on any given Sunday morning and they’ll be glad to show you where all the En Routers are hanging out.

Registration & Dismissal

When it is your child’s first time here, head to the Kids Check-in Station. There will be someone there to help you through the process (it’s simple, we promise). Once registered, two labels will print out. One with your child’s number to wear while in class, and one for you to use when picking up your child following service. Following their first time, just check them in (same place), use the labels that print, and bring them to class.

Clare Smith
LWAG Pre-Teens Shepherd . lwagpreteens@livingwordag.com

Join The Team

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