LWAG Kids Ministries

LWAG Kids Ministries

LWAG Kids works to partner with and resource parents like you.  Our Sunday Experience is a safe place for your children to learn about Jesus through Bible lessons, games, skits and discussions geared toward their age.  Through free resources, this fun website, training emails, and Acts Groups we equip you to handle life’s challenges Monday-Saturday.

Times & Location

The LWAG Kids Sunday Experience is available for both Sunday morning services w in the gymnasium.  We know you probably don’t know where that is if you’ve never been here before, so just ask someone when you come, and they’ll personally help you find your way.

Registration & Dismissal

When it is your child’s first time here, head to the Kids Check-in Station. There will be someone there to help you through the process (it’s simple, we promise). Once registered, two labels will print out. One with your child’s number to wear while in class, and one for you to use when picking up your child following service. Following their first time, just check them in (same place), use the labels that print, and bring them to class.

Pastor Brandon Snavely
Children’s Ministry Leader . brandon@livingwordag.com

Join The Team

Feel like being part of our team of LWAG Kids workers? Fill out this online form and get the ball rolling.