Water Baptism Service

Water Baptism Service - Event Details

June 3rd, 10:15am - June 3rd, 10:45am

Living Word


Anyone following Jesus


Celebrating Your New Life In Christ


Water baptism is something that Jesus asked all of His followers to do as an example of their allegiance to Him.  The concept of it is often times misconstrued.  One isn’t “forgiven of sin” through baptism, but is simply revealing the fact that they have found forgiveness in Christ through the repentance of their sins.  In fact, the only thing needed to be “qualified” for water baptism is you’ve received forgiveness of sin through faith in Jesus.

Why Be Water Baptized?
Have you recognized your sinful nature, gone to Jesus for forgiveness, and placed your allegiance & faith in Him?  Is Jesus YOUR King?  If so, reveal that choice to your friends, family, and the world through water baptism!

How Do I Sign Up?
STEP #1: Fill out the Baptism Form https://livingwordag.breezechms.com/form/7226af782342
STEP #2: Receive an email with important instructions for the day of your water baptism.

If you have any further questions please contact Pastor Barden [barden@livingwordag.com] or Pastor Brandon [brandon@livingwordag.com]