2018 Baby Dedication

2018 Baby Dedication - Event Details

July 1st, 10:00am - July 1st, 10:15am

Newborns and Young Children


Baby Dedication For LWAG Families


Our next Baby Dedication will be on, July 1st during our 10:00 AM service. When you dedicate your child, you are publicly declaring that you are going to raise that child in the ways of Christ using the Bible as your only source of spiritual direction. Later in life, when they choose to follow Christ on their own, Jesus invites our kids to be baptized in water to reveal that choice to their friends, family, and the world. Until then, as their parents, you’re their primary example of what it means to “follow Christ” and live a life serving Him. We welcome anyone who desires to dedicate their child. Please sign up on line at www.livingwordag.com > events > baby dedication. Fill out the form, and you’re all set. Any questions, contact Pastor Barden at barden@livingwordag.com.

How to sign my child up:
STEP 1:Fill out this form   https://livingwordag.breezechms.com/form/cca98521

STEP 2: Receive an email with important information and instructions for the Baby Dedication service.
STEP 3: Invite your family to the service to share in the experience.